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Directions (Google Map--aim for Boynton street just north-east of the map arrow)

WPI's official directions get you to campus (by car or commuter rail), but direct you to admissions visitor parking. Parking closer to the venue is available in the Boynton street lot (aka Library Lot or East Lot), on Boynton street between Institute Road and Salisbury streets (campus map). It's the only lot on the street, across from the large building construction. Park anywhere in the lot (ignore the signs about permit parking)--WPI is on break the day of the meeting, so parking permits are not enforced.

If you follow WPI's "directions from the East", they'll take you onto Boynton street; the lot will be on your right.

If you follow WPI's directions from "South or West", once you get on route 9 you'll pass through a series of lights at a large intersection before heading up a small hill. Stay in the right lane over the hill, passing through one light at the top of the hill, then another a block later. Turn right onto Boynton three blocks past this light, immediately before the Exxon station (on the left). The lot will be on your left a couple of blocks up the road. If you miss the turn, turn right at the light (West street), then right at the stop sign (onto Institute road), then left at the stop sign onto Boynton street.


The talks will be held in room 104 in the Salisbury Labs building at WPI. To find Salisbury Labs, the high-tech solution is to consult the campus map: Salisbury Labs is two buildings above the building with the star on it. The low-tech solution is to park and stand with your back to Boynton street. The brick building over the lot is the Library. Salisbury is on the opposite side of the Library. Facing the library, take the path leading out the right end of the lot, turn left up the stairs when the path ends, and Salisbury is across the small campus road at the top of the stairs. We'll post signs


wpi-nepls@cs.wpi.edu (reaches Kathi Fisler and relevant WPI staff)

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