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Please inform Lauren Relyea before October 20 so we can include you in the lunch planning. (Tell her about any dietary restrictions!) After October 20 you're still welcome to attend (and please tell her if you intend to do so), but you'll have to make your own food plans. (Thayer Street, just a block away, has several good options.)


Write or call Lauren Relyea if you need assistance.


The city's official Web site. Press releases, public announcements, and all sorts of other excitement. Accept no substitutes.

If that's not your bag, you could instead browse some photographs or some more photographs.

Venue Locator

Maps and directions to the CS department.


See registration information above.


Thanks to an excellent culinary school in town, Providence has plenty of options. Tell us what you like and we can help.

We plan to have an informal dinner group after the event. If you're interested, talk to Shriram.


Please see our transportation information.


Tight. Use the train if at all possible. Taxi from the station to the department costs about $5.

If you do want to drive, see our parking instructions. Remember to have us validate your ticket.

Note that on-street parking in the immediate vicinity of the department is limited in both availability and time (max of two hours, and they do ticket), so it's not really a viable option. You could get lucky a few blocks away.


We can help you find a place. The Inn at Brown is both pleasant and conveniently close to both the department and the Thayer Street strip. Cheaper pads are farther away.


Providence's outdoor performance art. Several nights a year, between March and October.

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