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General Information

Date: October 15, 2002
Venue: WPI, Worcester, MA

Speaker Selection Committee:
Paul Hudak (Yale), Zhong Shao (Yale), Michael Gennert (WPI), Dan Dougherty (WPI) and Dina Goldin (UConn)
Local Arrangements: Dan Dougherty, Michael Gennert, Kathi Fisler (WPI)


All the abstracts

10:00-11:00Design and Research
Paul Graham
11:00-11:30Serving the Web
Paul Graunke (Northeastern University), Robert Bruce Findler (University of Chicago), Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University), Matthias Felleisen (Northeastern University)
11:30-11:40Rigorously Modelling and Analyzing Hybrid Systems using Analytic Constraint Logic Programming
Tim Hickey (Brandeis University)
11:40-11:50DrJVM: Safe, Efficient Support for Dynamic Class Upgrades in Java
David Reiss, Gregory Cooper, and Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University)
11:50-12:00Report on a Five Year Experiment in Teaching Web Programming in Scheme as a Computer Literacy Course
Tim Hickey (Brandeis University)
01:15-01:45Language-Based Information-Flow Security
Andrei Sabelfeld and Andrew Myers (Cornell University)
01:45-02:15Implementing Staged Computation
Chiyan Chen and Hongwei Xi (Boston University)
02:15-02:45Decomposing lambda: the Kernel programming language
John N. Shutt (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
03:15-03:45Computational Soundness of Non-Confluent Calculi
Elena Machkasova (Wellesley College)
03:45-04:15The MulSaw Approach to Automated Specification-Based Testing
Darko Marinov and Sarfaz Khurshid (MIT)
04:15-04:30Brief Business Meeting

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