General Information


Thursday, September 29, 2022
Harvard University, this building
Room before 11am: 3.301/3.302/3.303
Room after 11am: LL2.229
Lunch: LL2 Atrium/Courtyard (and also possible to eat in LL2.229)
Chair and Local Arrangements:
Nada Amin
Speaker Selection Committee:
Nada Amin (Harvard), Stephen Chong (Harvard), Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown)


All the abstracts

09:15-10:00Light Breakfast (coffee, tea, bars, fruit)
10:00-10:15Riker: Always-Correct and Fast Builds from Simple Specifications
Daniel Barowy
10:15-10:30Extensibility for Fun(ctional Languages) via Nested Family Polymorphism
Anastasiya Kravchuk-Kirilyuk
10:30-10:45Programming Zero Knowledge Proofs
Alex Ozdemir
10:45-11:00Diversity-Driven Automated Formal Verification
Emily First
11:00-11:15Break, switch room!
11:15-11:30Categorical Semantics for Modeling and Inference in Probabilistic Programs
Eli Sennesh
11:30-11:45Arugment for Complex Languages and Compilers
Steven Meyer
11:45-12:00PaSh: Practically Correct, Just-in-Time Shell Script Parallelization
Konstantinos Kallas
13:30-13:45New foundations for probabilistic separation logic
John Li
13:45-14:00Omnisemantics: Smooth Handling of Nondeterminism
Samuel Gruetter
14:00-14:15The WebAssembly Component Model
Lucy Menon
14:15-14:30A Spectrum of Type Vigilance in Gradual Typing
Olek Gierczak
15:00-15:15Towards Automated Migration of Imperative Deep Learning Programs to Graph Execution
Raffi Khatchadourian
15:15-15:30A computational model of confusion in code comprehension
Shashank Srikant
15:30-15:45Object-Based Semantics of Layering
Arthur Oliveira Vale
15:45-16:00Business Meeting

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