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Monday, August 27, 2018
Harvard University
Chair and Local Arrangements:
Stephen Chong
Speaker Selection Committee:
Stephen Chong (Harvard), Pablo Buiras (Harvard), Jian Xiang (Harvard), Gabriel Scherer (Northeastern), Max New (Northeastern), Jay McCarthy (UMass Lowell)
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All the abstracts

10:00-10:25A Spectrum of Type Soundness and Performance
Ben Greenman (Northeastern University)
10:25-10:50Probabilistic Reactive Programming
Louis Mandel (IBM)
11:15-11:40Opportunities to Simplify Computer Systems via Formal Methods
Adam Chlipala (MIT)
11:40-12:05Ergo: Designing a Strongly Typed DSL for Executable Legal Contracts
Kartik Chandra (Stanford University/Clause, Inc.)
01:35-01:50Programming Music by Example: Synthesizing Digital Signal Processing Programs
Mark Santolucito (Yale University)
01:52-02:12Anomaly detection in C API usage
Tiago Cogumbreiro (University of Massachusetts Boston)
02:15-02:30Going Green: Compositional Non-termination without Fuel in Coq
Gregory Malecha (Kevix)
02:55-03:20Run-Time Program-Specific Phase Prediction for Python Programs
Meng-Chieh Chiu (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
03:20-03:45Kleene algebra modulo theories
Michael Greenberg (Pomona College)
03:45-04:00Business Meeting

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