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May 31, 2016
Arjun Guha (UMass Amherst)
Speaker Selection Committee:
Arjun Guha (UMass Amherst), Gabriel Scherer (Northeastern), Max New (Northeastern), and Sam Guyer (Tufts)
Local Arrangements:
Arjun Guha


All the abstracts

10:00--10:25Nominal Typing for Data Languages in QCert
Jerome Simeon (IBM Research)
10:25--10:50Accepting Blame for Safe Tunneled Exceptions
Yizhou Zhang (Cornell University)
11:00--11:25Garbology: A Study of How Java Objects Die
Raoul L. Veroy (Tufts University)
11:25--11:50Assessing the Limits of Program-Specific Garbage Collection Performance
Eliot Moss (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
01:15--01:40PLANALYZER: Automatic Analysis of Online Field Experiments
Emma Tosch (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
01:40--02:05Multirole Logic as a Foundation for Global Coordination
Hanwen Wu (Boston University)
02:15--02:30Foundations of type-directed code inference: which types have a unique inhabitant?
Gabriel Scherer (Northeastern University)
02:30--02:55Probabalistic NetKAT
Steffen Smolka (Cornell University)
03:10--03:35Toward Compositional Verification of Interruptible OS Kernels and Device Drivers
Newman Wu (Yale University)
03:35--03:45Using Anomaly Detection to Find Bugs in Control Software
Hu Huang (Tufts University)
03:45--04:10Adel: A New Way to Program Microcontrollers
Sam Guyer (Tufts University)
04:10--4:25Business Meeting

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