General Information

Date: June 3, 2015
Venue and Registration: Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Daniel Licata (Wesleyan)
Speaker Selection Committee:
Daniel Licata (Wesleyan), Norman Danner (Wesleyan), and Suad Alagic (USM)
Local Arrangements:
Daniel Licata


All the abstracts

10:00-10:20Implementing Data Race Detection
Benjamin Wood (Wellesley College)
10:20-10:40A Core Quantitative Coeffect Calculus
Marco Gaboardi (University of Dundee)
10:40-10:55R7RS Scheme
Will Clinger (Northeastern University)
11:25-11:45Design of a Debugger for Memory Managers
Karl Cronburg (Tufts University)
11:45-12:05Datatype Derivatives are the Defunctionalization of Continuation-Passing Style
Jan-Willem Maessen
12:05-12:25Deep Specifications and Certified Abstraction Layers
Ronghui Gu (Yale Univeristy)
2:00-2:20Prioritized GC: Using the Garbage Collector to Support Caching
Diogenes Nunez (Tufts University)
2:20-2:40Integrating SMT into Software Development
William Blair (Boston University)
3:10-3:30Implementing a Stepper using Delimited Continuations
Youyou Cong (Ochanomizu University)
3:30-3:50Tracking the Flow of Ideas in the Programming Languages Literature
Michael Greenberg (Pomona College)
3:50-4:05Business meeting

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