General Information

Date: November 21, 2008
Venue: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Speaker Selection Committee:
Joshua Guttman (MITRE), Dan Dougherty (WPI), and Greg Morrisett (Harvard)
Local Arrangements:
Greg Morrisett


All the abstracts

10:30-11:00Verifying Garbage Collectors with Boogie and Z3
Chris Hawblitzel (Microsoft) and Erez Petrank (Technion)
11:00-11:30Statically-Checked Metaprogramming for Web Applications
Adam Chlipala (Harvard)
11:30-12:00Choreography & Session Types
Marco Carbone (Queen Mary College, Univ. of London)
13:30-14:00Causal Commutative Arrows
Hai (Paul) Liu and Paul Hudak (Yale)
14:00-14:30Alchemy: Transmuting Base Alloy Specifications into Implementations
Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown), Dan Dougherty, Kathi Fisler, Daniel Yoo (WPI)
15:00-15:30Growing a Syntax
Eric Allen, Ryan Culpepper, Janus Dam Nielsen, Jon Rafkind, and Sukyoung Ryu (Sun Microsystems)
15:30-16:00Automatic Differentiation of Functional Programs or Lambda the Ultimate Calculus
Jeffrey Mark Siskind (Purdue)
16:00-16:30Complexity of Flow Analysis
David Van Horn (Northeastern) and Harry Mairson (Brandeis)
16:30-16:45Business Meeting

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