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General Information

Date: February 25, 2005
Venue: Boston University, Boston, MA

Speaker Selection Committee:
Hongwei Xi (BU), Stephen Freund (Williams), Norman Ramsey (Harvard) and Ken Shan (Harvard)
Local Arrangements:
Assaf Kfoury, Hongwei Xi


All the abstracts

10:00-11:00The Essence of Proof-Carrying Code
Invited Talk: Zhong Shao (Yale University)
11:00-11:15Checking Specifications in Java Systems using Flow Analysis
Steve Reiss (Brown University)
11:15-11:30The Ibex extensible parser generator
Nathaniel Nystrom (Cornell University)
11:30-12:00Eclat: Automatic Generation and Classification of Test Inputs
Carlos Pacheco (MIT)
12:00-12:30Dependent Types for Program Understanding
Raghavan Komondoor (IBM)
01:30-01:50A Model of Substructural State
Matthew Fluet (Harvard University)
01:50-02:00Eliminating Array Bounds Checks with Machine Arithmetic
Yanling Wang (Harvard University)
02:00-02:30Programming Cryptographic Protocols
Joshua Guttman (MITRE)
02:30-03:00Certified Assembly Programming with Embedded Code Pointers
Zhaozhong Ni (Yale University)
03:00-03:30Coffee Break
03:30-03:50A Simplified Calculus of Higher-Order Modules
Paul Govereau (Harvard University)
03:50-04:00A short status report on a C-- compiler
Norman Ramsey (Harvard University)
04:00-04:25Elphin -- Functional Programming with Higher-Order Encodings
Adam Poswolsky (Yale University)
04:25-04:50MzTake: A Scriptable Debugger
Guillaume Marceau (Brown University)
04:50-05:00Brief Business Meeting

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