NEPLS, the New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium Series, is a regional venue to discuss current research in programming languages and systems. If you are unfamiliar with such events and would like an idea of what to expect, look at the agendas from our previous meetings (at the bottom of this page) as points of reference.

Our Manifesto


Upcoming Event

Summer 2015 is being scheduled.

Fall 2015 will be at Twitter in Boston (hosted by Alex Garthwaite)!


Email Contacts

You can directly join the NEPLS mailing list. This is a low-volume list that will never have non-NEPLS mail.

If you have questions about the series or the venue, please first read our manifesto and past event schedules. To answer the most frequently asked questions: the events are free of cost, and they are open to all. A few weeks before the event, the local arrangements chair will mail the notification list to get a head-count; you don't need to notify anyone of your intent to participate before then (and if you do want to notify anyone, it should be the local arrangements chair).

If you have other questions, write to But please use this address only after you have thoroughly browsed these Web pages.

For all other matters, including problems using any of the mail aliases listed on this page, send mail to Shriram Krishnamurthi at


Future Meetings

We currently have offers of interest from Brown, Google Boston, Harvard, Northeastern, Tufts, UMass Amherst, Wesleyan, Yale, and possibly others. Stay tuned!


Past Meetings

2000-12-07 Brown University
2001-02-20 Boston University
2001-05-29 Williams College
2001-10-05 Sun Microsystems
2002-02-22 MIT
2002-08-07 Yale University
2002-10-15 WPI
2003-02-28 University of Connecticut
2003-06-06 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2003-10-21 Brandeis University
2004-02-24 Northeastern University
2004-06-04 University of Vermont
2004-10-08 Harvard University
2005-02-25 Boston University
2005-06-24 Williams College
2005-10-27 Brown University
2006-03-02 Sun Microsystems
2006-10-06 University of Southern Maine
2007-04-11 Tufts University
2007-10-18 WPI
2008-11-21 Harvard University
2009-03-05 MITRE
2009-12-02 MIT
2010-04-29 Yale University
2011-03-04 Northeastern University
2012-06-01 University of Southern Maine